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Plushify helps you make plush animals. It uses three dimensional models of the plushie you want to create and produces the two dimensional patterns you need to make it. Using mathematical procedures it makes sure that the pattern you get closely resembles the 3D model.

Design you dream companion

Plushify allows you to create a digital preview of the plushie you plan to create. Using a intuitive size slider you can adjust the size of your plushie. The pattern is scaled to this size automatically! You can specify colors for the single pattern pieces and also set the position and size of eyes or markings.

Print your Pattern

Plushify also helps you with layouting the pattern for printing purposes. If you want to make a huge plushie, Plushify will tile the pattern in a way that is compatible with your printing setup. Optionally, you can also create an instruction manual, detailing how to assemble the pattern. Check out all features!

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How does it work?

Step 1: Create a 3D model

3D Model of the plushie

Step 2: Prepare the pattern

Plushie pattern

Step 3: Make your plushie

finished plushie

Use an existing 3d model or create one yourself with 3d modeling software such as Blender or Maya. Check out the Prerequisites to see what you need to get started using Plushify.

Import the data of the 3d model in Plushify and prepare the pattern. Plushify allows you to preview the size of the plushie, set the color of the pieces and add markings to the plushie.

Using Plushify you can download your pattern in the size you need to make the perfect plushie. After that the only thing left to do is to cut out the pieces and sew them together.